Is Kohler Better Than American Standard – Let’s Find Out!

Kohler vs American Standard


All households, office spaces, film sets, or any other place that sees people routinely have a bathroom. The most vital aspect of the bathroom is the toilet.


However, the toilet you pick for your bathroom should add to its visual appeal and must be durable. It is not something you change every year. This is the reason why we possibly do comprehensive research before shopping for a toilet.


While doing so, the problem that many of us may face is that there are too many brands available to choose from. Two such prominent brands are American Standard and Kohler. We are sure you must also be torn for choices if you had to select one from these two.


So, in this article, we will compare the American Standard vs Kohler toilets and suggest you the top picks for American Standard and Kohler toilets.  We are certain that by the end of this article, you will have a concrete response on ‘which is better, Kohler or American Standard?’


So, now, let us get started and address the features of these two brands, followed by the best selections from both and some interesting FAQs.



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Kohler vs American Standard – Table of Comparison

*Disclaimer: This is a general overview of the brand features. Some of these features may not be present in certain models.


Features American Standard Kohler
Material Vitreous china with coated ceramic surface Vitreous china with coated ceramic surface
Type One-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, and WC close-coupled toilets One-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, wall-hung toilets, and urinals
Flushing technology Cadet 3 and 4 flushing systems AquaPiston
Water usage per flush Less than or equal to 1.6 GPF As low as 1.28 GPF in High Efficiency Models
Warranty 10-year limited warranty 1-year warranty and extended 5-year warranty
Noisy Less noisy More noisy
Design Same, but less visually appealing Same, but more visually appealing
Price Relatively cheaper Relatively expensive
Cleanliness quotient Easy to clean (EverClean finish) Easy to clean
ADA compliant Yes Yes
Installation Easy Easy
Maintenance Does not clog so easy to maintain Often clogs, so higher maintenance needed
Kohler Vs American Standard
(Some Worthy Models)


American Standard Vs Kohler Toilets – Who Has The Edge?

Let us start the Kohler versus American Standard toilets comparison by first understanding each attribute and then declaring a feature-wise winner. Hopefully, the review will help you decide which is better, American Standard or Kohler?




You can find more or less similar-looking toilets in both brands. There is a wide selection of elongated and round toilets. But be it any brand, the elongated toilets are indeed a better preference.


Winner: In all honesty, when it comes to design, both of them are pretty similar. However, if you ask us – which toilet is better Kohler or American Standard based on design, our answer would be former.


Amongst Kohler vs American Standard toilets, the former are more visually appealing. So, if beauty is your selection criteria, Kohler has an umpteen number of options for you.



Flush Power & Performance

You can find single and dual flush mechanisms in both brands. The flushing performance is more or less the same and is measured in GPF or Gallons per Flush. On average, you will find that in all the good performing toilets, the GPF is between 1.28-1.6.


Winner: Comparing the American Standard vs Kohler toilets on flushing system, we found that the American Standard fares better because of their deservingly hyped Cadet 3 and 4 flushing systems. Thanks to this improved flushing mechanism, it is easier for the user to get rid of both solid and liquid waste in a single flush.


The same is not the case with Kohler toilets, where many a time, you may have to flush more than once, especially in the case of a big dump. So, naturally, the utility bill for Kohler toilets will be higher.


But, you cannot ignore the AquaPiston feature of the Kohler toilets, which does perform better at eliminating waste faster. However, the only factor is this feature is limited to only the more expensive Kohler toilets.


So, on the whole, in terms of flushing technology, if you ask us which toilet is better Kohler or American Standard, our vote will be for American Standard.



Water Efficiency

The water efficiency of your toilet is your way to repay the environment because naturally, a toilet that is more water-efficient will use less water, thus bringing in mega savings in your utility bill.


Winner: So, is Kohler better than American Standard in water efficiency? Well, it truly is. In fact, the company has had this principle to produce water-efficient toilets ever since the launch of its WaterSense Program.




Comparing the American Standard vs Kohler toilets in terms of noise, we see a visible difference between the two toilets. But, of course, you want your toilet to be noise-free so that you can use it comfortably at night without waking up others.


Winner: In terms of noise production, which is better, American Standard or Kohler? We find the former better because, despite the powerful flushing system, it does not produce massive noise. On the other hand, the Kohler toilets have a relatively less powerful flushing system, but they still produce a lot of noise.




When we were reviewing American Standard vs Kohler toilets, we found that both the brands have a humongous variety available in the market. You can find a variety of bowl designs and types of toilets in the market.


The common variants in both brands are one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, and wall-hung toilets in both round and elongated bowl shapes. Kohler also has urinals available, whereas American standard has WC close-coupled toilets.


Winner: So, which is better, Kohler or American Standard, in terms of variety? Well, both of them have more or less a similar variety available, so there’s a tie in this aspect.




Amongst Kohler vs American Standard, which one has better ease of installation? So, be it Kohler vs American Standard, or any other brand, the two-piece toilets need more work compared to one-piece toilets when it comes to installation.


Winner: Is Kohler better than American Standard in ease of installation? Well, not really.


In both Kohler vs American Standard review, we found that there is a myriad of toilets, which are effortless to install. In most cases, you will be able to self-install the toilet as they come with proper tools and a comprehensive installation guide.


More so, when we studied these toilets closely, we found that both adhere to the plumbing rules of the USA. So, we do have a tie here.



Space Requirement

Space is an essential factor when deciding between the American Standard vs Kohler toilets because you cannot buy just any toilet that doesn’t fit well.


You would want something that can be comfortably accommodated, even if you have a small toilet with limited space.


Winner: As established in Kohler vs American Standard design review, we found the latter has a greater selection.


Still, the general overview is that these toilets need a more expansive installation space. On the other hand, Kohler toilets can be more comfortably installed in compact spaces.


So, amongst American Standard toilets vs Kohler toilets, Kohler is the winner if you aspire to save more space.




When shopping between American Standard vs Kohler toilets, you would want a toilet that is easier to clean. So, Kohler vs American Standard, which brand has toilets that are relatively easier to?


Well, broadly speaking, both the toilets are easy to clean, but the degree of ease depends on the kind of toilet and the specific model chosen by you.


If you have a one-piece toilet, they assure greater ease of cleaning than the two-piece toilets, irrespective of your choice between Kohler vs American Standard.


Winner: Thanks to their powerful flushing system, and fine finish, they are both easy to clean. In Kohler vs American Standard, both come with a pressurized rim, which power-washes the toilet after you flush.


More so, they also have their in-house EverClean technology, which does not let fungus, mold, and mildew thrive. So, we have a tie in Kohler versus American Standard toilets in terms of ease of cleaning.




Again, just like the former, when selecting from Kohler vs American Standard, you would want a toilet that requires minimum maintenance.


Winner: So, amongst American Standard vs Kohler toilets, the users of the former seem quite content and find the toilets quite easy to maintain, with absolutely no issues of leakages and clogging.


But, on the other hand, Kohler users did experience some clogging. Hence, the latter is the winner amongst Kohler versus American Standard toilets as Kohler toilets require higher maintenance.




We do not say that cheaper is better, but of course, if you get exemplary features in less price, why would you not want that?


Winner: Amongst Kohler versus American Standard toilets, in terms of affordability, American Standard sure has an edge.




There is a clear difference in warranty in American Standard white vs Kohler white toilets. However, it surely is one of the most quintessential factors when shopping for a toilet because a long warranty depicts the brand’s trust in its product.


Winner: So, in Kohler vs American Standard, there is a clear winner in terms of the warranty. Kohler provides its customers with a one-year warranty on most of their products, whereas American Standard offers a long 10-year warranty on its toilets.


Of course, you get an extended five-year warranty with Kohler toilets, but it is nowhere close to American Standard’s decade-long warranty.



American Standard & Kohler Pros & Cons List

American Standard                    

  • Supremely powerful flushing system
  • Low maintenance
  • More extended warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Noiseless
  • No clogs



  • Lacks in the high-end segment

  • Beautiful-looking toilets
  • Eco-friendly
  • More hi-tech designs
  • More comfortable

  • Produces higher noise
  • Flushing performance not the best
  • Needs higher maintenance
  • Expensive


Top Kohler Toilets To Buy

After reading the feature-wise review of American Standard vs Kohler toilets, if the latter is your preference, here is a list of some of the good models in Kohler that you can buy. You can read about the best Kohler toilets here. Here is also a quick overlook that will help you understand why we picked them over others.


1. KOHLER K-3988 Wellworth


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If you need a Kohler toilet, which is a fine amalgam of impeccable flush performance and phenomenal water savings, then Kohler’s Wellworth model is the right pick for you. It has a double-flush system located traditionally on the side.


So, for liquid waste, you can go with an economy flush that releases 1.1 GPF, and for the solid dump, you can use the full flush of 1.6 GPF. This lowers water utilization by over thirty percent. Consequently, you will see immense savings of 4000 GPF per year in your utility bill.


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2. KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height


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This is also a two-piece toilet, which comes with an elongated bowl design. So, naturally, you have a greater comfort assured with this toilet. In addition, it has a comfort height feature, which allows chair-height seating. Consequently, for someone with physical disabilities, this can be a good pick.


Further, the toilet comes with a canister valve, making it maintenance-free and easy to clean. It will not let the dump clog the toilet and help you eliminate the waste without any water wastage.


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3. KOHLER K-3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet


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The next one again is a one-piece toilet by Kohler, which is very easy to install and clean. Despite its elongated bowl design, it is compact and can fit even in small bathrooms. Thanks to its chair height seating, even those with knee aches, or people recovering from surgeries, or people with a physical disability, too, can be comfortably seated.


Unfortunately, this has only a single flush, which standardly uses 1.28 GPF, but it can conveniently help you eliminate both solid and liquid waste. The toilet comes with a Brevia quiet close seat. So, there will not be any unnecessary banging by the kids.


The flush valve’s 3:2 ratio utilizes the gravitational pull and boosts the performance of the flush by creating a powerful siphon during the flushing. To assure a superb, leak-proof performance, the canister design of this toilet comes with a ninety percent less exposed seal material over a three-inch flapper.


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4. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron


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Fourth on our list is a two-piece toilet equipped with an elongated bowl, perfectly suited for spacious toilets. The toilet bowl and the comfort chair height make it ideally suited for those with physical disabilities.


Like the Santa Rose Toilet, even this one comes with a single-flush system and functions at 1.28 gallons per flush. The flush valve’s 3:2 ratio utilizes the gravitational pull and boosts the performance of the flush by creating a powerful siphon during the flushing.


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5. KOHLER 3814-0 Two (TM) Corbelle Comfort Height


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Fifth is a top-notch quality two-piece toilet, which comes with an elongated bowl that adds to the comfort and seating space. Further, the chair-height comfort seating makes it easier for older adults to sit on the toilet comfortably.


It is ideally suited for the spacious bathrooms. The toilet has a revolutionary 360 swirl flush technology, which produces a powerful gravitational pull to ensure that your bowl stays cleaner for longer. More so, to add to the ease of cleaning, the toilet has a skirted trapway.


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6. KOHLER K-3493-47 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet


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You look no further than the Pressure Lite toilet when you seek a toilet with phenomenal flushing performance. It comes with an elongated toilet bowl and a single flush system. Since it releases 1.6 GPF, it may result in some water wastage when you have to flush only liquid waste.


However, this is a beautiful-looking toilet, which is ideal for adding to the contemporary looks of the toilet.

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Top American Standard Toilets To Buy

After reading through the feature-wise review for the American Standard vs Kohler toilets, if the former is your pick, then we have the five best American Standard toilets for you. Let us take a look at them one by one.


1. American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Round Front Toilet


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One of the best toilets by American Standard, this dual-flush toilet comes with an economy flush of 0.92 GPF and a full flush of 1.28 GPF. Its siphon jet technology makes washing convenient and quick.


The chrome-plated top nestled push button actuator adds to the fine appeal of the toilet. There will not be any clogging aiding to its 2” trapway, which ensures the convenient flow of the dump.


Further, the EPA WaterSense and MaP premium criteria make it easy to keep the toilet clean for long. The best part about this toilet is that you get a lifetime warranty on the Chinaware and a five-year warranty on all the mechanical parts.


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2. American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4


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The Champion 4 toilet is a one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. Since it utilizes only 1.6 GPF water, it helps in water conservation. Its slow close toilet seat adds to the durability of the seat, especially in households with children. To ensure that your toilet stays clean for longer, the toilet has an ever-clean surface.


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3. American Standard 2887216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Elongated


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At number third on our list is the dual-flush, elongated bowl toilet. The chrome-plated top nestled push button actuator adds to the visual appeal of the toilet. Its twin-color synced bolt caps only make it better.


You can use the full flush of 1.6 GPF for the solid waste, and for the liquid waste, you can use the economy flush of 1.0 GPF. This can bring in massive savings as it uses 25 percent lesser water compared to other brands.


Further, its ever-clean surface and the power wash rim scrubs keep the toilet cleaner for longer and ensure that the bowl is scrubbed every use.


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4. American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 Flowise


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Ranked at number fourth is the Cadet 3 toilet, which is an ADA compliant toilet with optimum bowl height for comfortable sitting. It has a single flush system, wherein the flush releases 1.28 GPF, which is twenty percent less than standard toilets. Hence, this is an eco-conscious toilet, which can bring you good water bill saving.


Its glazed trapway and the three-inch flush ensure a strong gravitational push, resulting in a clean bowl after a single flush. The seat has a slow-close and easy lift-off feature. Moreover, its EverClean technology ensures that the mold, bacteria, and mildew stay at bay.


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5. American Standard 2403128.020 Compact Cadet 3-Flowise Tall Height


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If space is an issue, then this is the perfect pick for you. It is an ADA-compliant toilet, which makes it suitable for all age groups. It is a single-flush toilet with a compact elongated bowl and releases 1.28 GPF, which can result in massive savings in your water utility bill.


It is certified in the EPA WaterSense program, ensuring that mold, bacteria, and mildew stay at bay. The seat has a slow-close feature. The flush is supremely powerful, and the one-piece design makes it easy to clean and install.


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How Do You Select The Right Toilet?

When shopping from the American Standard white vs Kohler white toilets, there are certain factors that you must bear in mind. Here, we will address them one by one.


One-piece vs two-piece toilets: If you need toilets that can be self-installed with minimum effort, one-piece toilets should be your pick. However, between the one vs two-piece toilets, two piece have more diverse features.


Elongated vs round bowl: You can go with a round bowl toilet if you have a small toilet with limited space. However, if you have adequate space, and do not want to compromise on comfort, then elongated toilets should be your pick.


Price: Though price should not be the most detrimental factor when shopping between the American Standard white vs Kohler white toilets, wouldn’t it be better if you could get all the good features in your budget? However, you must not compromise on quality for a lower price.


Space: Your selection for a toilet should also be based on the space available in your bathroom. The toilet should conveniently fit in without making the bathroom look cramped.


Height: When shopping for the toilet, ensure that you pick the one that has an ADA-compliant height. Also, if someone in your home suffers from mobility issues, opt for a toilet seat above 16-inches for their convenient seating.


Flushing capacity: Some toilets have a single flushing system, while others have a dual flushing system. The latter is better as they help in water conservation, and thus, bring in saving in utility bills. Typically, in a dual flush system, there will be an economy flush and a full flush.


So, you will have adequate water released for both solid and liquid waste. Overall, the dual-flush system is better. The flushing capacity may be variable but is usually between 1.28-1.6 GPF.



Kohler Vs American Standard: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1) Which toilet is better, Kohler or American Standard?

Ans. Based on Kohler vs American Standard comparison, we found that Kohler does have the edge over American Standard toilets. But is the American Standard toilet as good as Kohler? Yes, they do have an impeccable flushing system, so they are a top pick of many.



Ques 2) Which Kohler toilet is best?

Ans. KOHLER K-3988 Wellworth is undoubted one of the best picks for Kohler toilet.



Ques 3) Where are American Standard toilets made?

Ans. Kohler toilets are made in three plants located in different parts of the US in Kohler, Wisconsin; Brownsville, Texas; and Spartanburg, South Carolina; and one big plant in Monterrey, Mexico.



Ques4) How long does a Kohler toilet last?

Ans. A Kohler toilet can easily last you for 10-15 years.



Ques 5) Is American Standard a good brand for toilets? Which American Standard toilet is the best?

Ans. Yes, American Standard is one of the top-rated toilet brands. However, choosing the best American Standard toilet is quite a subjective decision. But if we had to suggest something, it would be a tie between American Standard Cadet 3 and Champion 4.



Which Is Better American Standard Or Kohler? – Our Verdict

Well, in all honesty, the choice of the brand from between Kohler and American Standard depends more on your personal expectations and preferences. Since both companies have their headquarters in the United States, you can be sure of top-notch quality from both of them.


If budget is the central criterion for you, American Standard must be your pick but remember that Kohler products are surely more comfortable. They are also more visually appealing.


Again, American Standard toilets are noiseless and come with a superior flushing system. Moreover, they have a 10-year extended warranty, wherein the Kohler toilets have a one-year warranty and a five-year limited extended warranty, but the products are robust and durable. So, you will rarely ever need a warranty.


Lastly, to sum it up, we are more inclined towards the American Standard toilets as they are more economical with a good performance. Kohler should be your choice if you are picking up the high-end models.