KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Specs and Reviews: Is It Worth The Hype?

KOHLER Wellworth Toilet


Most of us do not put much thought into buying a toilet. The market is overflowing with so many makes that we just go for the model that fits in our budget and does what it is meant to do. Few years down the line and you are dealing with cracks, leaks, or even end up replacing the entire toilet.


However, some people do realize the value of a good flushing toilet that lasts for years, helps cut down water bills, is comfortable to use by all family members, requires less frequent cleaning, and also saves them the hassle of dealing with clogs. Such people put in a lot of thought and effort into selecting the right toilet manufactured by a reputed brand. Since you are on this page, we assume that you fall in the latter category, considering the KOHLER Wellworth as one of your options, and therefore going through the KOHLER Wellworth reviews.


KOHLER has been in business for the longest and has earned a reputation for manufacturing top-quality bathroom fixtures. The Wellworth series is also a testimony to that. This toilet was first manufactured in 1936 and is still being offered by the brand with several innovations that it has undergone over the years. The Wellworth series has a line of toilets under its umbrella with each model having different specifications. The K-3987 model, in particular, is one of the best offerings from KOHLER for users who want a complete package. This toilet has got excellent KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews and is famous for its classic look, powerful flushing, and affordable price tag.



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Through this review, we will discuss all the KOHLER Wellworth toilet specs in detail and give you the reasons as to why Wellworth is worthy of its price and why you should consider buying this model. Plus, we will also try answering some of the common questions that new or prospective Wellworth users may have about this toilet.


So, let us begin with one of the most comprehensive KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews online.



Kohler Wellworth Toilet Specs and Features

Here are the distinguishing features you will find in the Wellworth series by Kohler.


Design and Material

The first thing that catches the eye of users is its classy design. Despite having a simple two-piece design, this toilet can easily blend with both traditional and modern bathrooms. The KOHLER Wellworth comes with a round-front bowl that makes it an ideal selection for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. It features a standard seat height of approx. 15 inches which makes it accessible for users of all ages. The two-piece design and a standard 12-inch rough-in also facilitate easy installation.


This toilet has a 2 1/8-inch fully glazed trapway which, according to popular KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews, works well to mitigate the chances of clogs. Talking of the built quality, the Wellworth like other KOHLER toilets is made of vitreous china which is sturdy, does not stain easily, and also helps to keep the toilet clean.


Another design feature that finds a mention in several KOHLER Wellworth reviews is its left-hand nested trip lever. While most of the dual-flush toilets come with dual flush buttons located on the top of the tank, the Wellworth incorporates the dual flush in the more convenient trip lever. So the flat top of the tank can be utilized as extra storage space. The Wellworth toilet is also available in four different shades so that you can find a variant that complements your bathroom theme.



Flushing Technology

The KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews also laud this toilet for its powerful siphon jet flushing mechanism. This toilet sports KOHLER’s patented Class Five flushing technology that is known for its bulk flushing performance.


According to the KOHLER Wellworth toilet specs, the Class Five mechanism is capable of removing 1000 gm. of waste in a single flush. What powers this mechanism is a large canister flush valve that releases water into the bowl from 360 degrees. The sudden gush of water enhances the effectiveness of its flush and also ensures that the entire waste is cleared quickly from the bowl that also using lesser water. The canister valve also ensures 90% less exposed seal material to reduce the events of leaks. It is for this reason that this toilet has garnered such high rankings in most of the KOHLER Wellworth reviews.



Water Consumption

Water consumption should be one of the first few specs that you must check out in any toilet. Living up to the praises of KOHLER Wellworth reviews, this toilet comes with a dual flushing mechanism. And according to the KOHLER Wellworth toilet specs, it features a half flush of 1.1 GPF for liquid waste and a full flush of 1.6 GPF for solid waste removal. The half flush can help you save 30% more water than the full flush which means that this toilet can potentially save approx. 4000 gallons of water per year. This water-saving capability has also earned it the EPA’s WaterSense certification. So if you are a budget-conscious and nature-conscious user, not only is Wellworth a water-efficient toilet, but it can also help you earn rebates on your annual water bills.




Since the Wellworth features a direct-fed siphon jet flush, the powerful force of water ensures that no waste is left behind. Plus, the water enters the bowl from all sides to cover the entire surface area of the bowl.  This also reduces the chances of toilet streaks. Besides that, the sturdy vitreous china prevents dirt, mold, or bacteria from adhering to the surface of the toilet. So, if you are not very fond of cleaning your toilet, the KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews assure that the flushing mechanism together with the bowl material will help to keep the toilet cleaner for longer.




KOHLER Wellworth is preferred by many households for its affordable pricing. In fact, many KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews call this model one of the most budget-friendly offerings from the brand. The Wellworth toilets cost $287 to $450 depending on the variant.




One of the drawbacks mentioned in several KOHLER Wellworth reviews is the short warranty period. KOHLER only offers a 1-year limited warranty on this toilet. However, the company justifies this short warranty with the fact that the Wellworth is a top-quality product that will not give you any troubles for years to come.



Kohler Wellworth Toilets: Pros and Cons

Instead of buying a toilet and regretting later, it is better to learn from other’s experience. Therefore, before you finalize this toilet, you must go through a handful of KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews to understand its advantages and disadvantages shared by the existing users. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.



  • This toilet has an aesthetically pleasing and classic design that can complements modern bathrooms.
  • Though this toilet consumes 1.6 GPF rather than the other less water-consuming 1.28 GPF toilets, its dual-flush mechanism makes this toilet water-efficient. If you still want to go for a 1.28 GPF model, the K-3998 Wellworth variant comes with a 1.28 GPF flush.
  • According to the popular KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews, the Class Five flushing mechanism is quite effective and suitable for bulk flushing.
  • The compact design with a round-front bowl can easily fit into smaller areas and also does not compromise on comfort. However, you also have the option of a Wellworth model with an elongated bowl.
  • The two-piece design is easier to install as you handle the tank and the bowl separately.
  • This toilet comes with pre-installed tank bolts which help in quicker installation.
  • The Wellworth comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in so that it can be installed in practically any bathroom.
  • The package includes all the mounting hardware as well as the wax ring.
  • It meets EPA’s WaterSense requirements.
  • It comes in four different shades.
  • The canister valve prevents leaks due to 90% less exposed seal material.
  • The powerful flush and the glazed trapway prevent clogs to a great extent.



  • The package does not include a toilet seat.
  • The seat height is not ADA compliant. Therefore, its low-seating is not suitable for the elders and people with disabilities.
  • According to certain KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews, the toilet gets clogged at times.
  • The two-piece design is not easy to clean as dirt tends to accumulate around the joints.
  • A few KOHLER Wellworth reviews also state that they received a damaged tank or bowl.
  • Some users also complain that they need to flush twice to clear the waste.
  • Despite having a leak-proof flush valve, a few users mentioned that the fill valve begins to leak and causes excess water to flow continuously into the tank. This leads to water wastage and also increases water bills.



Are Kohler Wellworth Toilets Good?

Definitely, yes! Let us explain why.


KOHLER is a Well-Known Brand

The name KOHLER is synonymous with quality. The company has been manufacturing sanitary fixtures since 1873 and has earned a reputation for delivering on its promises. So you can rest assured that when you bring a Wellworth home, you will get a high-quality product that not only looks great but also helps you save your hard-earned money.



Easy Installation

The Wellworth toilets are also very easy to install on your own as they come with the DryLock fast install system that does not require any drilling. So you save both the time and money required for professional installation.




The cost factor makes Wellworth a much-desired model. This two-piece toilet can fit into any budget and its durable construction requires lesser replacements. And even if you do need to replace a part, its spare parts are easily available in any hardware store.



If you have decided to bring home a Wellworth toilet, you might want to check out the KOHLER Wellworth toilet specs of a few variants that this series offers:


KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet with Class Five Flush System and Left-Hand Trip Lever

This toilet is the most popular Wellworth model that comes with a dual-flush. It uses 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF for half and full flushes respectively. It features a standard round-front bowl, a left-hand trip lever, and comes in four color options.



KOHLER K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet

If you want a high-efficiency toilet, then go for this Wellworth variant as it uses just 1.28 GPF. This one also comes with a round bowl, standard height seating, and a left-hand nested trip lever.



KOHLER K-3978-0 Wellworth Toilet, 12″ White

If you prefer the elongated bowls, you can find one in Wellworth too. This model comes with an oblong bowl, has a 1.6 GPF flush, and comes in white color.



KOHLER 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet, White

This toilet is quite similar to the K-3998 model. The only difference is that instead of a dual flush, this model features a single 1.6 GPF flush. This variant also comes with a round bowl and a standard height seating.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Class Five Flushing Mechanism?

It is a patented flushing technology by KOHLER that delivers bulk flushing performance. This flushing mechanism features a larger flush valve that allows water to enter the bowl from all sides with greater force and clear the waste through a siphon jet mechanism.


Is the KOHLER Wellworth ADA Compliant?

No, the Wellworth toilets are not ADA compliant as they come with a standard (approx.15 inches) seat height.



Does KOHLER Wellworth toilet come in Comfort Height?

No, Wellworth toilets do not come in Comfort Height. However, you can check out the Highline models that are almost identical to Wellworth but come with Comfort Height seating.



What is the rough-in of a Wellworth toilet?

The Wellworth comes with a 12-inch rough-in, a standard measurement found in most of the toilets. However, we would recommend that you measure the dimensions of your bathroom first to be sure that this toilet would fit in.



Are KOHLER toilets made in the USA?

Yes, most of the KOHLER toilets sold in the USA are, in fact, manufactured in the US.



So Is Wellworth Really Worthy of Its Name?

If you are searching for a simple toilet on a budget that does its work efficiently, then the Wellworth is a great option to consider. Not only is its price affordable, but it also maintains its affordability over years by cutting down water usage.


Other than that, the canister valve does work well to prevent leaks and its flushing mechanism also doesn’t make much noise. But some users do state that the water pressure is not enough to remove all the waste in a single flush. We would have also liked it if KOHLER had included a seat in the package.


Besides that, several KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews mention that one of the biggest issues while purchasing this toilet is that some parts get damaged during shipping. However, KOHLER does take care of this glitch by providing a 1-Year warranty cover against the manufacturing defects.




KOHLER yet again proves to be a brand for all with its Wellworth series. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly KOHLER toilet that does its work quietly and efficiently, then this is the model to go for. All the KOHLER Wellworth toilet reviews find this toilet quite a hit amongst users for its low pricing and efficient flushing performance. Plus, its strong built and classy design can uplift the overall aesthetics of practically any bathroom.