Kohler Persuade Curv Toilet Review: Kohler Persuade Toilet Reviews, Specs and FAQs

Kohler Persuade Curv Toilet


Has your ill-functioning toilet taken away your peace of mind? Is your toilet not very comfortable to use for a longer duration? Do you wish to upgrade to a stylish and sleek toilet? Finding a toilet that matches your checklist is not easy. There are so many factors to consider that go beyond the flushing mechanism of a toilet. However, there is one brand that seems to be doing it right and is offering a toilet that very well addresses all the above issues. The Persuade Curv toilet by KOHLER has been the talk of the town for its super sleek skirted body and flushing efficiency that also helps save water.


KOHLER is one of the most reputed brands in the sanitary industry that has innovated continuously to meet the requirements of different users. Even with the Persuade model the brand has tried to offer a toilet that is beautiful and compact, provides ease of cleaning, gives plug-free flushing performance, and most importantly keeps your water bills in check. If you are considering this model as your next toilet, you might want to read a few KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews to know if it really lives up to all the claims.


Continue reading our KOHLER Persuade Curv toilet review to understand its features and specifications in detail and why you should think about investing in this toilet.


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KOHLER Persuade Toilet Reviews: Features and Specifications

Running Model – Kohler Curve Comfort Height K-75790-0

Kohler Curve Comfort Height K-75790-0 $1109.38 Buy Now


Model K-75790-0
Dimensions 28.62 x 14.19 x 32.5 inches
Water Consumption 1.0/1.6 GPF
Material Vitreous china
Rough-in 12 inches
Color White
Bowl Elongated
Flush Type Gravity-fed dual flush
Mounting Floor mounted
WaterSense Certification Yes
ADA Compliance Yes
Flush Lever Left-hand nested
Warranty 1-Year limited warranty

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What Are The Best Features Of Kohler Persuade Toilet?

Sleek and Compact

Before we begin with our KOHLER Persuade toilet review, we want to take a pause and admire the stunningly stylish design of this piece of porcelain. This two-piece toilet is very compact as the slender tank makes space for the elongated bowl. Therefore, despite having an oblong shape, this toilet easily fits into tight spaces. The compact tank also makes the installation less cumbersome.


Another distinctive feature that finds mention in several KOHLER Persuade Curv toilet reviews is the skirted trapway. Not only does the skirted trapway make it easier to keep the toilet clean, but it also gives a very seamless and contemporary look to this toilet.



Elongated Bowl

As already mentioned in the KOHLER Persuade toilet specs, this model features an elongated bowl design that offers a more comfortable seating experience to the users. The longer shape of the bowl provides more legroom even to taller individuals. Also, the elongated toilets are ideal for users who spend more time sitting on their toilet thrones.



Comfort Height Seating

This is one important feature that many buyers look for in a toilet. With the Persuade Curv, KOHLER has made sure to make this toilet more accessible to all by giving it a taller height seating. The Comfort Height seat is 2 inches taller than the standard 15-inch seat height. Therefore, it is much easier to sit down and get up from the seat without taking any stress on your back or knees. The Comfort Height also makes this toilet ADA compliant which means that it is ideal for elders and people with disabilities.



Dual Flush System

Several KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews applaud KOHLER for making the Persuade Curv a water-efficient toilet. This toilet comes with a dual-flush that uses 1.0 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste removal. Its partial flush can help you save 30% more water than the standard 1.6 GPF flush which roughly translates into a saving of around 5000 gallons of water per toilet per year.


It is for this reason that this toilet has also earned the EPA’s WaterSense certification. Plus, this toilet also makes you eligible for water rebates in several municipalities. And, if you are installing this toilet in a commercial space, it can also help you earn the water efficiency points in LEED® Green Building Rating System.


The KOHLER Persuade Curv toilet reviews also mention that its gravity-fed flush mechanism is quite effective in dealing with the entire waste in a single flush as it has a desirable MaP rating of 1000 gm. Also, unlike other toilets that usually come with dual-flush buttons on the top of the tank, the Persuade Curv features an innovative nested left-hand trip lever that requires minimal effort to set off the flush.




The Persuade Curv comes in a two-piece design which is easier to install compared to the one-piece toilets. Many users find installing a skirted toilet cumbersome, but that too is taken care of by through its patented ReadyLock™ system for skirted trapways. This installation method is quick and also eliminates the hassle of drilling into the floor or caulking. It comes with a 12 inches rough-in which is an industry-standard for toilets. This toilet, however, does not come with a wax ring and a toilet seat which, according to a few KOHLER Persuade Curv toilet reviews, was disappointing since it means extra expenditure.




The skirted trapway also earns brownie points for the ease of cleaning. Its smooth lines do not allow dust and germs to make this toilet their abode. You can simply wipe clean the outer body and use any regular cleaner to clean the insides of the bowl. Plus, the vitreous china body is also stain-resistant so you need not worry about donning your cleaning hat too often to keep your toilet sparkly white.



One-Year Limited Warranty

All KOHLER toilets come with a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. While several KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews mention this short period as a drawback, we find it good enough since KOHLER is a reliable brand. So even if you receive a faulty flush or a cracked bowl damaged in transit, the excellent customer support ensures a hassle-free replacement.



Kohler Persuade Toilet: Pros and Cons

Buying a toilet should be an informed decision. In addition to reading online KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews to learn about user’s experience, you must also carefully go through the pros and cons of this toilet. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect if you plan to buy this model.



  • The sleek design with a skirted trapway gives this toilet a very chic look.
  • Has a compact body that can also fit into smaller bathrooms.
  • The vitreous china gives it a robust and long-lasting built that requires minimal maintenance.
  • The skirted design makes the cleaning process easier.
  • The dual flush mechanism helps to cut down water usage and can, therefore, help you to reduce your water bills.
  • An ADA-compliant Comfort Height bowl gives a chair-like seating experience, making it easier to get on and off the toilet seat, especially for the elders or for people with limited movement.
  • The ReadyLock™ installation method significantly cuts down the installation time. It also makes it easier to install the toilet on your own since it does not require any drilling or use of complicated hardware.
  • The elongated bowl shape offers extra seating comfort.
  • A few KOHLER Persuade Curv toilet reviews state that its flushing mechanism is capable of flushing down 1000 gm. of waste in a single flush.
  • Its water efficiency also makes it eligible for consumer rebates in certain areas.



  • This toilet does not include a wax ring and a toilet seat. So you will have to spend extra to procure these two items.
  • Some users also state that this toilet requires frequent cleaning due to the bowl design.
  • It is not the most affordable toilet offered by KOHLER.



Kohler Persuade Toilet Review: What Makes KOHLER Persuade A Good Option?

If you have gone through the KOHLER Persuade Toilet specs and are still in two minds about whether or not to ahead with this toilet (the chances of which are next to none because this toilet is irresistible), we will reiterate the star features of KOHLER Persuade that make this toilet worth every penny.


  • Compact Design – This toilet comes with a compact elongated bowl that occupies lesser space compared to other elongated toilets. The thinner flush tank fits snuggly with the bowl to occupy lesser space. Plus, the left-hand trip lever keeps the top of the tank free to give you extra storage area.
  • High Back – This toilet features a Comfort Height seat that offers good back support even to taller individuals. Plus, its tall bowl enhances the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.
  • Water Conservation – If you are conscious about your water footprint, this toilet can help you save a lot of water. Its dual flush gives you the option to choose from a half-flush or a full flush as per your requirement.
  • Top-Quality Construction – The tank and the bowl are made of vitreous china that works pretty well in preventing dirt, bacteria, or mold from adhering to the toilet surface. This material also does not stain easily, so you can enjoy a pearly white toilet for several years, provided that you clean the toilet regularly. Since this toilet does not have any specialized coating, it also has a good tolerance for generic cleaning products.
  • Installation – Its two-piece design allows easier maneuvering of the tank and the bowl separately. Its special ReadyLock™ installation system does not require any special plumbing skills. Therefore, you don’t need to spend on professional installation. The process for installation is also explained in the FAQ section.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a KOHLER Persuade toilet?

A few KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews mention that this toilet can be difficult to install due to its skirted design. However, the process to do it is pretty much the same as that of any two-piece toilet. While the installation guide provided by the manufacturer has every little detail, here are the basic steps that you must follow:


  1. If you already have a toilet installed in your bathroom, remove it carefully from the flange. Also, remove the wax from the toilet base with the help of a knife.
  2. Next, place the T-bolts on the floor flange and attach the new wax ring to the base of the trapway.
  3. Position the trapway over the floor flange passing through the T-bolts. Then, install the mounting brackets and the clams over the T-bolts. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts. However, make sure that you do not overtighten any of the nuts.
  4. Install the tank on the bowl and carefully lift the toilet and put it in place. Make sure that the holes on either side of the toilet are perfectly in line with the pivot mounts. Insert the bushings and screws into the holes and tighten them to secure the toilet. Cover the bolts with the caps provided.
  5. Secure the water supply line to the shutoff valve located at the back of the toilet. Let the tank fill completely, and then check the joints as well as the base for any leaks.
  6. Finally, secure the toilet seat over the bowl and your toilet is ready to use.



Which is the best rated KOHLER toilet?

KOHLER Persuade toilet reviews vouch for this model as one of the best-rated KOHLER toilets. However, the company offers an array of products so that you have a KOHLER model for every budget. Plus, each one comes with a set of exceptional features. One such model that, over the years, has stood the test of time is the Santa Rosa. It is compact, stylish, and has an excellent flushing mechanism. Its affordable cost has made it a hit amongst users. The other model that is worth mentioning is the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet. If you want a water-efficient toilet for your home then it is a great option to consider. Other than that, if you want to go for a pressure-assist toilet, then you can put your money on the Highline Classic Pressure Lite.



Are KOHLER toilets worth investing in?

KOHLER is a reputed brand that has been in business for the longest time. Therefore, when you invest in a KOHLER toilet you are assured of a high-quality built, water-efficient flushing, and a wide range of choices. Their AquaPiston flushing technology particularly has given their toilets an edge over others. KOHLER also tries to keep its toilets more affordable than the competitors. And even the high-end models come with such top-notch features that users do not mind shelling out extra money.




This brings us to the end of our KOHLER Persuade toilet review. If you are bored with the ordinary designs, this toilet can give your bathroom the much-needed makeover. Its skirted base gives this toilet a very premium look. However, it is not just the looks that should convince you to go for this model. Its dual flushing system and Comfort Height seating add up to the perks of owning this beautiful lavatory. All in all, this is a fantastic piece of porcelain for the money.