ContinuousClean Kohler Corbelle Toilet Reviews: Specs, Features, Merits & Demerits

ContinuousClean Kohler Corbelle Toilet


Do you hate scrubbing your toilet and wished that it cleaned up on its own? While it seems too good to be true and some people may even ridicule you for having this thought, there are considerate brands like KOHLER that take user’s needs seriously. KOHLER is one of the oldest brands in the US that manufacture bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It has duly earned a reputation in the market for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. In fact, KOHLER has been the forerunner of numerous bathroom trends in the US and continues to offer something new to the customers through its different toilet ranges.


With the Corbelle toilet range, KOHLER has not only taken away the hassle of cleaning your toilet regularly, but it has also enhanced the flushing power of its AquaPiston toilets. In the Corbelle toilet, KOHLER has introduced the ContinuousClean system that lessens your cleaning woes by dispensing a consistent amount of toilet cleaner with every flush. This toilet also features the innovative Revolution 360™ swirl flushing technology which, as per several KOHLER Corbelle reviews, takes the conventional siphon-jet flushing to a whole new level.


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If you have been planning to purchase a new toilet or wish to upgrade your old KOHLER toilet with a more powerful and water-saving variant, the Corbelle range is a great option to consider. But don’t go just by our words; through this KOHLER Corbelle toilet review, we will give a detailed analysis of all its stand-out features, its pros and cons, and our take on “Is the KOHLER Corbelle toilet worth the investment?” Plus, we will also answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Corbelle toilet.


So, without further delay, let us begin with our KOHLER Corbelle toilet review.

Technical Specifications of KOHLER Corbelle Toilet: K-5709-NY


KOHLER Corbelle Toilet $1111.98 Buy Now


Model K-5709-NY
Dimensions 29.38 x 16.38 x 31.31 inches
Water Consumption 1.28 GPF
Material Vitreous china
Rough-in 12 inches (options of 10 and 14 inches also available)
Color White/Biscuit/Dune/Ice Grey/Sand Bar/Black
Bowl Elongated
Flush Type AquaPiston flush valve with revolutionary 360® swirl-flushing technology
Mounting Floor mounted
WaterSense Certification Yes (Also eligible for rebates in some municipalities)
ADA Compliance Yes
Flush Lever Left-hand trip lever
Warranty 1-Year limited warranty

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What Are The Distinguishing Features of KOHLER Corbelle Toilet?

Continuous Clean

The first feature that we want to talk about in our KOHLER Corbelle toilet review is the ContinuousClean system that is integrated into the water tank of this toilet. This system releases a fixed dosage of toilet cleaner along with every flush to keep the bowl disinfected and clean between flushes. All you need to do is place a cleaning tablet of your choice in the dedicated compartment inside the tank and push the activation button.


The automatic release system mixes the cleaning agent with clean water sourced from the incoming water supply and releases it into the bowl with each flush. You can select from three presets to adjust the amount of cleaner released. KOHLER has also optimized this system to ensure that a single cleaning tablet lasts up to a year. According to several KOHLER Corbelle reviews, this feature has helped to reduce the frequency of scrubbing the toilet.



Revolution 360™ Swirl Flushing

The Corbelle toilet features a unique flushing mechanism that combines the famous AquaPiston flush valve, a rimless bowl, and the patented CleanCoat finish. We will talk about the CleanCoat in detail later, but first, let us understand how this flushing mechanism is different from the conventional gravity-fed flushes.


The large AquaPiston flush valve ensures that water is released from the flush tank from all 360 degrees. This enhances the force with which water is released into the bowl to boost the flushing performance. The water jets into the bowl through a large opening and spirals down scouring the entire surface area of the bowl.



Rimless Bowl Design

Unlike the conventional bowls that come with multiple rim holes, the Corbelle toilet features a wide lip along the inner perimeter. This rim design guides the water flow to create a spiraling action so that it covers the entire surface area of the bowl. Plus, this mechanism also prevents water splashes that are a common problem with traditional toilets. This rimless design also makes it easier to keep the bowl cleaner as it eliminates the hiding areas for bacteria, mold, and mineral deposits. You can simply wipe clean underneath the lip using a sponge or a soft cloth.



CleanCoat Surface Glaze

Giving a tough competition to TOTO’s CeFiONtect and American Standard’s EverClean surface is KOHLER’s CleanCoat. This coating forms an ultra-thin layer of nanoparticles over the toilet to prevent dirt, bacteria, or mold from sticking to the toilet surface. Plus, it gives the toilet a glossy and smooth finish. A number of KOHLER Corbelle reviews have also stated that this glazed coating is effective in mitigating the unsightly toilet streaks as well as the chances of mineral deposits in hard water areas.




KOHLER toilets are popular for their water-efficient flushes and the Corbelle toilet also helps to keep your water bills in check. This toilet uses just 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) compared to the standard 1.6 GPF flushing toilets thus helping you save a good amount of water per flush per year.


However, the less water consumption in no way compromises with the flushing performance. One important point that we want to mention in this KOHLER Corbelle review is that this toilet has earned the highest MaP rating(Maximum Performance) of 1000 gm. which means that it has been factory tested to clear out larger loads in a single flush that too using minimal water.



Skirted Base

Another feature that is worth mentioning in this KOHLER Corbelle toilet review is its skirted design that gives this toilet a seamless and premium look. The skirted trapway also hides the bends and curves that can make cleaning the toilet a tiring task. On the other hand, a skirted base can easily be wiped clean using a soft cloth.



Two-Piece Design

The Corbelle toilet comes in a two-piece design which, according to KOHLER Corbelle reviews, is much easier to install compared to the one-piece units. This is because the tank and the bowl can be handled separately especially when you have to shift the porcelain from one place to another. Two-piece toilets are also cheaper than one-piece toilets. Plus, in case of any damage, you only need to replace the broken part, while in a one-piece model you will have to replace the entire unit.



Elongated Bowl

Comfort is an important criterion that many users look for while reading any KOHLER Corbelle toilet review. This toilet features an elongated bowl that offers more seating space than the standard round bowl. Plus, you can use the toilet for a longer duration without feeling any discomfort. Elongated bowls are also preferred by users of larger built. However, you must note that elongated bowls take up more space, so if you are considering this toilet for a smaller bathroom, it is recommended that you first take the measurements of your bathroom.



Sturdy Material

All KOHLER toilets are made of vitreous china that makes them more durable. So when you buy this KOHLER model, you can rest assured that its toilet bowl or tank won’t crack easily and you can go without replacing this toilet for a good 10 to 15 years. Plus, vitreous china is easier to maintain and does not stain easily.



Comfort Height

Another crucial feature that several buyers want to know while reading a KOHLER Corbelle review is the seat height. This toilet comes with a Comfort Height seating that is 2 inches taller than the standard 15-inch seat height. The taller seat offers a chair-like seating experience, making it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet. The Comfort Height, along with the elongated bowl and left-hand trip lever also makes this toilet ADA compliant for elders or people with disabilities.



ReadyLock Installation System

The next feature that we want to mention in our KOHLER Corbelle review is the installation method. Many users prefer installing toilets on their own to save on the installation cost. However, installing a skirted toilet is considered more cumbersome than a regular toilet. Both these concerns are taken care of by KOHLER’s ReadyLock installation system. This system is quite easy to install even for those with minimal plumbing skills since it does not require any drilling into the floor. All you require is a socket wrench and a screwdriver to get started. However, your DIY plumbing skills will definitely come in handy.



Rough-in Options

Many users face disappointment when they cannot find their desired toilet with the right rough-in measurement. KOHLER, being a user-centric brand, takes care of this concern by offering Corbelle with 10, 12, and 14 inches rough-in options. Since this toilet does not have a fully-molded trapway, it offers more flexibility to match different rough-in measurements.


So, if ever you need to relocate your KOHLER Corbelle to a different location, you can measure and buy a suitable trap attachment instead of worrying about replacing the entire toilet. This rough-in flexibility has been highly lauded by several KOHLER Corbelle toilet reviews.



One-Year Warranty

This is the only shortcoming of the brand. It offers a one-year limited warranty only, as compared to its competitors that provide up to 10 years of warranty. Though KOHLER has been known to produce durable toilets that can last a lifetime if taken care of in the right way. However, this warranty gives users the peace of mind that in case they receive a damaged product, the company will easily replace the unit under the warranty period.



KOHLER Corbelle Reviews: Pros and Cons

Now that you are aware of all the awesome features of this toilet, it is time to give an objective KOHLER Corbelle toilet review by stating its Pros and Cons. Since this toilet is not very cheap, the merits and demerits will help you in making an informed decision of whether or not this toilet is worth purchasing.



Merits of Owning a KOHLER Corbelle Toilet

  • This toilet comes in a two-piece design that is easier to handle while shifting and is also easy to install.
  • The clean lines and seamless design gels well with modern minimalistic bathrooms.
  • The Corbelle toilet is made of vitreous china that gives it a sturdy construction and adds to the longevity of the toilet.
  • The Comfort Height seating is optimum for users of all ages. It is especially more comfortable for elders and the disabled.
  • The skirted design gives this toilet a modern look and also makes it easier to clean the toilet body.
  • The elongated bowl offers more seating comfort.
  • The advanced Revolution 360™ flushing technology is powerful enough to clear the entire waste in a single flush.
  • This toilet has the highest MaP rating of 1000 gm.
  • This is a high-efficiency toilet that can help you lower your water bills as it uses only 1.28 gallons for every flush.
  • This toilet also comes with the EPA’s WaterSense certification that can earn you water rebates in several municipalities.
  • The ContinuousClean system helps to keep the toilet cleaner between the scrubbing sessions.
  • The ContinuousClean system also does not require any specialized cleaning tablet. So you can use any off-the-shelf cleaning tablet that you like.
  • The CleanCoat glazed coating prevents the growth of bacteria or mold and also reduced mineral build-up.
  • The fully glazed trapway works well to prevent clogs.
  • The ReadyLock™ installation system significantly reduces the installation time and the hassle since it does not require any precision drilling into the floor.



Problems With The Corbelle Toilet

  • This toilet does not come with a toilet seat. So you will have to buy one separately, which means added expenditure.
  • According to a few KOHLER Corbelle reviews, the flush handle feels awkward and sometimes also makes a screeching sound.
  • Another popular KOHLER Corbelle review mentioned that the flush handle material felt cheap.
  • This model is costlier than other KOHLER toilets.
  • It comes with one year limited warranty only.



Is KOHLER Corbelle Toilet Worth the Investment?

Most of the KOHLER Corbelle toilet reviews speak highly of this toilet for its aesthetic design and durable body coupled with innovative flushing mechanism. Even in the case of the Corbelle toilet KOHLER has something new to offer to its customers. Though this model is costlier than a Wellworth or a Santa Rosa, KOHLER justifies this cost with the top-notch ContinuousClean self-cleaning system.


Its Revolution 360™ flush offers an improved swirl flushing performance and the Comfort Height seating makes this toilet accessible for all. KOHLER Corbelle reviews rightly call this toilet “The answer to all common toilet problems”. While we would have liked it if this toilet came with a toilet seat or in a one-piece design, but the high-end features are enough to convince us to invest in this toilet.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a continuous cleaning toilet?

A continuous cleaning toilet is a technology invented by KOHLER that automatically releases a cleaning solution into the bowl with every flush that helps to keep the toilet cleaner five times longer than a regular toilet.



How to install the KOHLER Corbelle toilet?

The KOHLER Corbelle comes with the ReadyLock installation system which makes the installation process more straightforward. Gather a socket wrench and a screwdriver and follow the steps below to put your Corbelle in place.


  1. Remove the old toilet (if any). Place the T-bolts into the flange sockets and attach the wax ring under the base of the trapway.
  2. Place the trapway over the floor flange and the mounting brackets passing through the T-bolts. Secure the brackets by screwing the nuts.
  3. Align the clams with the brackets and secure them with another pair of bolts.
  4. Place the toilet carefully over the trapway. Insert the bushings and screws into the holes present on either side and tighten them to secure the toilet. Cover the bolts with the caps provided.
  5. Fix the toilet seat and connect the water supply, and your toilet should be ready to use.


What is a swirling flush?

KOHLER Corbelle toilet features the Revolution 360™ flushing system that, instead of rim holes, sends water into the bowl through a large lip present along the inner periphery of the bowl. The water moves inside the toilet in a swirling motion, covering every inch of the bowl surface, before it is siphoned out through the trapway. This movement of water gives you quieter and more effective flushing and also prevents backsplashes.



KOHLER Corbelle Review – Concluding Note

With that, we come to the end of our KOHLER Corbelle toilet review. This toilet is certainly a deal-breaker with avant-garde features, luxurious design, and a low-maintenance body. The availability of different color options and rough-in can help you find a variant that complements your bathroom style and also easily fits into the available space. Its chair-height seating and the elongated bowl together can give you a much more comfortable toilet experience. Plus, the water-saving capacity acts as the cherry on the cake. Backed by KOHLER’s brand promise and excellent customer support, the Corbelle toilet is truly a masterpiece in its own way.