4 Best KOHLER Cimarron Toilet Reviews (With AquaPiston Technology)

Kohler Cimarron Toilet


If there is one name that crops up in every mind while searching for the best toilets, it is certainly KOHLER. With almost 150 years in business, this brand has carved a niche for itself for producing high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The Cimarron toilet series particularly stands out for offering powerful and water-efficient toilets that too at a very affordable cost. And, the K-3609 is perhaps the best-rated toilet in popular KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews while the other models are equally praiseworthy.


If you have been planning to remodel your bathroom and wish to bring a Cimarron toilet home, you must have already gone through some of the popular KOHLER AquaPiston reviews to get user feedback. Most of them applaud these toilets for their much-coveted AquaPiston canister flush valve that ensures powerful flushing. Since there are several models under this series, it is better to go through the pros and cons of each to ensure that you buy the right make as per your requirement.


Therefore, to help you out we did some online digging and have featured four models of this series in our detailed KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews. We have also listed the top features of the series, plus the pros and cons that are common for all the models. We will also give you an unbiased KOHLER AquaPiston flush review for each of these toilets.


So, continue scrolling to find out what this series has in store for you.



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KOHLER Cimarron Toilet Reviews – Comparison Chart

Product Rating Buy Now
KOHLER K-3589-47KOHLER K-3589-47


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KOHLER K-3609-0KOHLER K-3609-0


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KOHLER K-3887-0KOHLER K-3887-0


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KOHLER 5310-0KOHLER 5310-0


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Top KOHLER Cimarron Toilet Reviews

1. KOHLER K-3589-47 Cimarron Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Technology


KOHLER K-3589-47 Check Price on Amazon


The first model in our KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews is the K-3589-47 elongated two-piece toilet.


Flushing mechanism: What sets it apart from the other toilets is its powerful flushing mechanism, which according to popular KOHLER AquaPiston reviews, can deal with large loads in just one flush. This toilet features the popular AquaPiston flushing technology that bolsters its flush efficiency by releasing water into the bowl with greater force. As per the KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews, the canister technology also ensures that the toilet stays leak-free by concealing 90% of the seal material. This feature has also given this toilet a higher rating in the popular KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews.


Installation: Another feature worth mentioning in this Cimarron toilet review is its DryLock installation system that does not require any drilling to mount the toilet on the floor.


Water consumption: While the Cimarron toilet reviews laud the series for its water efficiency, this model uses more water, 1.6 GPF, rather than the standard 1.28 GPF.


Design: Another reason why this model occupies the top position in KOHLER Cimarron round toilet reviews is that its compact elongated bowl uses the space of a round front toilet but at the same time gives enough room and comfort as a standard toilet.


Seat Height: The ADA compliant Comfort Height seating is suitable for different users of a family. Plus, the tall height also ensures that elders as well people with restricted mobility find it easy to sit down and stand up from the seat without exerting any pressure on their backs and knees.


Our Cimarron toilet review verdict – It is an elegant looking toilet that comes with a powerful flushing system. However, if you live in an area that has GPF restrictions, you might want to cross-check with the local laws before buying this variant.



  • Dimensions: 28.75 x 17.62 x 30.75 inches (Rough-in – 12 inches)
  • Color – Almond/Black/Dune/Ice Gray/Sandbar
  • Material – Vitreous china
  • Water Consumption – 1.6 GPF
  • Bowl – Elongated
  • Flush Type – Gravity flush
  • Mounting – Floor mounted
  • ADA compliant Comfort Height seat
  • DryLock installation
  • Warranty – 1-year limited warranty



  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The light-touch flush requires minimal force
  • Powerful and effective flush
  • Lesser leaks
  • Comfortable seating


  • Does not have a WaterSense certification
  • Does not come with a seat and supply line

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2. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Technology


KOHLER K-3887-0 Check Price on Amazon


The K-3609 is a model for which you will find several KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews and all for the right reason. This is one of the most popular models in the Cimarron series that has earned a reputation for its distinctive design and water-saving efficiency.


Water consumption: Unlike the previous model, this toilet uses just 1.28 GPF. In fact, it can help you save up to 16,500 gallons of water every year which has also earned it a WaterSense certification. It is for this reason that the popular KOHLER AquaPiston reviews speak so highly of this model.


Design: This toilet can give you the comfort of an elongated two-piece toilet and at the same it time has a simple and sleek design that complements modern bathroom spaces. It also features an ADA compliant Comfort Height seat. Comfort height compared to standard height seats make it easy to sit down and stand up from the toilets.


Flushing technology: This toilet has got great KOHLER AquaPiston reviews for its flushing technology that uses a canister design to release water from all sides ensuring a powerful and plug-free performance every time. This toilet can give you the peace of mind that even large loads will be taken care of using lesser water. Another point that several KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews mention is that this toilet does not sweat like other models since its insulated tank prevents condensation in warmer climates.


Installation: Its easy DryLock installation feature enables quick installation that too on your own, thus helping you save on the installation cost. Plus, this installation system doesn’t require any drilling which also mitigates the chances of any leaks from the seals. It is for this reason that this toilet has secured a top position in several Cimarron toilet reviews.


This Cimarron model features a polished left-hand chrome trip lever and just like the other KOHLER models this toilet also comes in a variety of colors.



  • Dimensions – 28.75 x 17.62 x 30.75 inches
  • Color – Biscuit/Honed White/Sandbar/White/Black
  • Bowl – Elongated
  • Material – Vitreous china
  • Flush Type – AquaPiston Gravity flush
  • Water Consumption – 1.28 GPF
  • Rough-in –12 inches
  • Mounting – Floor mounted
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant Comfort Height seat
  • DryLock installation
  • Warranty – 1-year limited warranty




  • Its DryLock installation system is quick and it prevents leakage
  • It’s a water-efficient sleek looking toilet
  • As per the KOHLER AquaPiston reviews, this toilet delivers optimal flush performance
  • Comfort Height seating suitable for elders and disabled



  • Toilet seat and other hardware are not included
  • According to KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews, it is not easy to keep clean
  • Some Cimarron toilet reviews also state that at times it is unable to clear waste with a single flush
  • Toilet height too high for petite people and kids
  • Some users also faced refill issues

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3. KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet


KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron Round-Front 1.28 GPF Toilet Check Price on Amazon

If you want the features of the powerful Cimarron toilet and yet want a model that can easily fit into tight dimensions, then the KOHLER K-3887 is the model that you have been looking for.


Design: What makes this toilet score high in the KOHLER Cimarron round toilet reviews is its two-piece design with a round-front bowl that doesn’t take up much space and yet it offers the same comfort of an elongated design. Plus, its Comfort Height seating, which is 2 inches taller than standard toilets, offers extra ease of sitting down and standing up from the toilet. Its precision-engineered bowl and tank also find a mention in KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews as they help create a strong siphon to bolster its flushing efficiency.


Water consumption: This toilet also finds a mention in KOHLER AquaPiston reviews since its power-packed flushing mechanism uses only 1.28 GPF which can help you cut down your water bills to a great extent. However, its lesser water consumption does not hamper its flushing performance in any way.


Flushing mechanism: Its canister valve ensures that the water is released in the bowl with greater force to give you a clean and effective flush every time. Plus, this technology also successfully handles the issues of leaks that are common in toilets with a standard flapper. Also, this mechanism requires just 2 lb. of force to set the flush into motion which furthers add to the ease of using this toilet.


  • Dimensions – 27.25 x 17.62 x 30.5 inches
  • Color –White
  • Material – Vitreous china
  • Bowl – Round
  • Mounting – Floor mounted
  • Water Consumption – 1.28 GPF
  • Rough-in –12 inches
  • Flush Type – Gravity-fed flush with AquaPiston technology
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • Comfort Height seat
  • Warranty – 1-year limited warranty




  • Cimarron toilet reviews state that it’s a great choice for tight spaces
  • Tall height seat offers greater comfort to people with disabilities or taller users
  • This toilet finds a mention in top KOHLER Cimarron round toilet reviews for its water-efficiency and powerful flushing



  • The package doesn’t include a toilet seat and supply line
  • As per some Kohler AquaPiston reviews, single flush is not enough at times

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4. KOHLER 5310-0 Cimarron Skirted ADA Toilet


KOHLER 5310-0 Check Price on Amazon

Not scrubbing a toilet regularly results in dust and other dirt accumulating on the surface. If you are one of those who are not fond of applying elbow grease to keep the toilet sparkly white, you may want to invest in a model that comes with a skirted design.


Design: The last model in our KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews is 5310-0, a two-piece toilet that comes with a skirted trapway that not only makes it easy to maintain but also adds an elegant and modern touch to the design.


As per the common KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews, its elongated bowl offers extra room and comfort while using the toilet for longer durations. And the left-hand trip lever adds to the ease of use. The KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews also mention its ADA-compliant Comfort Height seat that makes it a perfect fit for public restrooms and commercial spaces with multiple users.


Water consumption: The KOHLER AquaPiston reviews also give this model a thumbs-up for its water-saving capability. Like the other Cimarron models, this one too is WaterSense labeled as it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush to take care of liquid and solid waste.


Flushing mechanism: This water-efficiency and strong flushing is again powered by KOHLER’s AquaPiston canister flush valve along with a siphon jet mechanism.


Installation: Similar to the previous models, the KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews also applaud this toilet for its DryLock installation system that does not require you to drill any holes. The trapway installs onto the toilet flange and attaches to the toilet to make a secure connection. Hence you can be assured that you will not have to deal with leaks resulting from worn-out nuts and bolts.



  • Dimensions – 29 x 17.63 x 30.5 inches
  • Color –White
  • Material – Vitreous china
  • Water Consumption – 1.28 GPF
  • Bowl – Elongated
  • Mounting – Floor mounted
  • Flush Type – Gravity-fed flush with AquaPistoncanister valve
  • Rough-in – 12 inches
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • Comfort Height seat
  • Warranty – 1-Year limited warranty




  • As per KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews, the flush is powerful and cleans the bowl well
  • It’s easy to wipe clean, thanks to the skirted design
  • Quite comfortable to sit for long durations


  • A few KOHLER AquaPiston reviews mention that some users had to use a second flush to clear out the waste

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Features Worth Mentioning In KOHLER Cimarron Toilet Reviews

Some of the salient features of the Cimarron series that find mentions in several online reviews include:



Flushing Technology

If you have been reading KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews, you may have noticed that the AquaPiston flushing system is one of the most talked-about features of these toilets. It incorporates a canister flush valve which when pulled up releases water into the bowl from 360°. The strong gush of water, assisted by gravity clears the entire bowl efficiently without leaving any traces behind.




The Cimarron toilets are made of sturdy vitreous china which offers longevity to these toilets. They also have a fully glazed trapway that prevents clogging and also requires minimal scrubbing to keep the bowl clean. Their elongated bowls offer added comfort while the round bowl variant, as per KOHLER Cimarron round toilet reviews, helps save space. Plus, these two-piece toilets are available in a variety of colors.



Comfort Height Seating

Cimarron models come with Comfort Height seating. This implies that their height is at least two inches taller than the standard 15-inch toilet which makes sitting and standing up easier especially for elders. All the toilets under this series meet ADA’s specifications to guarantee maximum comfort even to taller individuals or people with disabilities.



Water Consumption

If you wish to buy a toilet that saves water and helps you lower your water bills, the Cimarron toilets are a great option to consider. The majority of KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews praise this series for its ability to use lesser water per flush. Most of the models use just 1.28 gallons per flush that have also earned them the much-coveted EPA’s WaterSense certification. Also, certain states have GPF restrictions and allow the installation of only those models that use 1.28 GPF or less, so you can also be sure that these toilets will adhere to the local norms.



Ease of Cleaning

The Cimarron toilets are fairly easy to maintain due to their excellent technology. The AquaPiston canister valve, a glazed trapway, and the special bowl shape work cumulatively to ensure that you get a clean bowl after every flush. Plus, it is safe to use any standard cleaning agent on these toilets as they do not come with any special coating like CeFiONtect by TOTO or EverClean by American Standard.



Easy Installation

The Cimarron toilets come with a 12-inch rough-in. However, you can also get options in 10 and 14 inches. These toilets also come with the DryLock installation system that does not require any drilling. Plus, their two-piece design makes it easy to install the toilet on your own.



No Tank Condensation

People residing in warmer or more humid areas often face the issue of tank condensation which happens when cold water enters the toilet tank that has been resting in a warmer room. Not only does it lead to the accumulation of water on the surface but also becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. To counter this, several models of this series feature an insulated tank.

Why Should You Invest In KOHLER Cimarron Series?

  • Available in an array of colors to match different bathroom themes
  • Most of the models in the Cimarron series are WaterSense certified. The KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews vouch that their 1.28 GPF variants can help save 20% more water than the standard toilets
  • ADA compliant seat height offers chair-like comfort
  • Offers an option of elongated and round bowl design. Contrary to a common belief, the KOHLER Cimarron round toilet reviews state that even the round-front design is quite comfortable to use
  • The DryLock system ensures quicker installation and reduces the chances of leaks
  • Features an ADA compliant chrome trip lever that also complements the toilet design
  • The AquaPiston flushing technology is top-notch and the company guarantees that it will help remove waste with a single flush
  • The package includes the wax ring and other hardware needed to install the toilet
  • The precision-engineered bowl harnesses the force of gravity to create a strong siphon flush. This mitigates the chances of toilet streaks
  • This series complements other Cimarron bathroom fixtures
  • The Cimarron toilets are available at competitive rates


Why Are The Possible Issues With Kohler Cimarron Series?

  • The tall height seating is not easily accessible for children and can be uncomfortable for petite users
  • Limited models, some of which have even been discontinued or are unavailable in certain locations.
  • The design is too simple when compared to other products in the market
  • A few KOHLER AquaPiston flush reviews mention that its plastic flush valve breaks easily
  • Some KOHLER AquaPiston reviews claim that you may need to run a second flush to clear solid waste.
  • Even though the canister valve releases the water quickly, the waste drains slowly from the bowl


Frequently Asked Questions: Cimarron Toilet Reviews

How can I prevent my Cimarron toilet from clogging?

Since Cimarron toilets feature narrower trapway due to a siphonic flush they may get clogged if you dispose of sanitary waste or other materials. The best way to prevent clogging is to avoid throwing anything in the toilet other than organic waste and toilet paper.



Why should I invest in a KOHLER toilet?

The biggest benefit of KOHLER toilets  is the reliability of the brand. KOHLER has been in the business for quite a while and has proven its mettle by manufacturing stylish and sturdy toilets for different price ranges. Not only are their toilets built of high-quality porcelain, but they are also highly efficient and quicker to install due to their DryLock system. Moreover, their water-conserving feature gives them an upper hand over the other popular brands in the market.




That brings us to the end of our KOHLER Cimarron toilet reviews. KOHLER is a well-established brand that offers some great looking toilets across different price categories. The Cimarron series, in particular, is one of the most searched and featured toilets in popular online reviews as they are simple and elegant and can gel with all kinds of bathroom décor. The KOHLER AquaPiston reviews also speak highly of their powerful flushing and eco-friendly functioning. All in all, these toilets can be a great choice for your next toilet.