Comfort Height Vs Standard Height Toilet Features, Pros & Cons Explained



Toilet height is measured from the floor to the rim’s top or the seat. The cover does is not included in the measurement. The difference in the heights brings us to the terms standard, comfort, and regular toilet height. Many people do not understand the meanings of these terms and tend to confuse them with one another. Understanding this prevalent problem, we have decided to explain the comfort vs standard height toilet comparison through this article.


Comfort height, also known as the chair height, is usually above 17-inches. It is a height suitable for taller individuals or people who have mobility issues. On the other hand, the standard size typically measures below 17-inches. It is the perfect height for smaller-sized or average-sized individuals or children. Here, in this article, we will try to explain the comfort height vs regular height toilet in detail and help you select the two.



At A Glance: Comfort Height Vs Regular Height Toilet

  • The difference between the two is primarily in terms of their measurements.
  • Upon comfort vs standard height toilet comparison, it has been noted that the former has a height over 17-inches. If measured without the seats, the comfort heights come around 16-18 inches. However, if you measure them with the seats, they will measure approximately 17-19 inches.
  • On the other hand, the standard height measures about 14-15 inches sans the seat and between 15-16 inches with the seat included.
  • Comfort height toilets are more suitable for the elderly senior citizens, tall people, and people with limited mobility.



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What Is A Comfort Height Toilet?

Now, before we take you through the comfort height vs standard height toilet difference, we need to understand each of these tables in a little detail individually.


Speaking of the comfort tables, they are ADA-compliant chair height toilets or wash sets.

When we were trying to establish comfort height vs standard height toilet difference, we realized that today similar to the latter, even the former is seeing a rise in popularity.


Amongst the comfort height vs regular height toilet, the former is about two to three inches higher than the traditional, regular, or standard height tables. They have a high visual appeal and are ideal for people with limited mobility, tall individuals, and senior citizens. Given their high allowance, the comfort height toilets assure more comfort and are indeed very convenient for taller people who struggle with the different bathroom fittings. This is the reason for their mass popularity in non-residential units, restrooms, and commercial spaces.


As for the marketing, different companies refer to the comfort height tables by different names. For instance, Kohler calls them comfort height toilets, which is also the name by which they are widely famous.


On the other hand, TOTO calls them universal height toilets. There are many other brands, which refer to them as ADA-height or the right-hand toilets. But, the fact of the matter is they all mean the same thing.



  • Suitable for tall people, elderly, senior citizens, people with mobility issues.
  • The price difference in comfort height vs standard height toilets proves that comfort height toilets are relatively cheaper.
  • Usually, most of the comfort height toilets are ADA compliant.


  • It might not be the best for shorter height adults or children who measure only about four to five feet in height.
  • They tend to make your feet dangle in the air, something which is strictly frowned upon by the experts as it can cut the blood circulation in the body.
  • They put short people at risk of constipation.




What Is A Standard Height Toilet?

As we move a step closer to establishing the comfort height vs standard height toilet difference, we will like to take a little hiatus and brief you on the standard height toilets.


The standard height toilets have been around since the 19th century. So, ever since the first flushing toilet was introduced, the standard height toilets have been around. The standard height toilet is also called the regular height toilet, and they fall in the range of 14 to 16 inches in height. This makes them the perfect pick for both kids and short-height people.


Since they have a low measure, they advantageously let you place your foot down to proceed with nature’s business. Upon comfort height vs standard height toilet comparison, we found that while the former might lead to constipation, especially in short people, the latter indeed helps overcome constipation. The standard height table offers phenomenal positioning, lower than 90-degrees, which is the perfect natural pose for efficient bowel movements.



  • They offer the perfect natural position for more comfortable bowel movements.
  • They are perfect for people with constipation.
  • They are suitable for short adults and children.



  • Standard height toilets can be a bit uncomfortable for tall people.
  • Aged people might feel discomfort when sitting on the regular height toilets.
  • On the pricing front of the comfort vs standard height toilet, the standard height toilets are a little more on the expensive side.




Which Is Better – Comfort Height or Standard Height?

Now that we have individually discussed the comfort height and the regular height toilets, we need to establish the comfort vs standard height toilet difference. Only upon the detailed comfort height vs standard height toilet analysis will we be able to establish which of the two is better.


In this section, we will try to understand the comfort height vs standard height toilet comparison based on different factors. Let us address these factors one by one to help you make a more informed pick.


Here, let us try to see through the difference in terms of different features.


FeaturesComfort Height ToiletStandard Height Toilet
Also calledChair height, Right Height(American Standard), ADA Compliant Height, Universal Height(Toto)Regular Height
Height without seats16-18 inches14-15 inches
Height with seats17-19 inches15-16 inches
Ideal forPerfect for everyone, including people with mobility issues and the elderlyPerfect for kids or short-height adults
BenefitsCan relieve constipation problems in tall people.

In short people, they may increase the risk.

Can relieve constipation problems in all users
AffordabilityAffordableOn the higher end of the spectrum
UseHomes and commercial setupsHomes




Firstly, we will try to understand the comfort vs standard height toilet difference based on their usage factor. As we have already discussed, amongst comfort vs standard height toilets, the former is way more prevalent than the standard toilets. It is mainly because they serve a broader population in comparison to the standard toilets. Either way, they ensure comfortable standing and sitting, regardless of whether you are tall, aged, or normal, or with limited mobility.


This, in no way, means that the standard toilets are any less prevalent. They are a friendly choice for kids as they won’t have to take the support of a step chair or the ladder to use them.


Thus, comparing the utility of the comfort height vs standard toilet, we have deduced that they are both equally useful but have a different set of audiences.




The second discipline to establish the comfort height vs standard toilet difference is the obvious: the height.


Following the report published by the ADA compliance Act under exception clause 604.4, for humans with a disability, the recommended height should be about two to three inches higher than the standard measurement of 16-inches. This is the measure from the floor up to the toilet seat height. Comfort height vs standard height toilet comparison showcases that the comfort height toilets maintain this metric. It is also one huge reason why these toilets have a heavy commercial or universal use. They cater to more individuals.


The comfort height vs standard toilet distinction classifies standard height toilets as the more home-friendly toilets. However, if you need to elevate the height to make up for the difference, you can invest in paddles or arms, risers, or other raisers.




The primary distinguishing feature between the comfort height vs standard toilet is the height. Having said that, you can find umpteen color and design options in both of the varieties. However, as you may have seen also, white is the more prevalent shade in both categories. Further, the two wash sets can be found in different designs, ranging from a one-piece to a two-piece.


Whatever be your pick, the one-piece will be a lot more expensive and will thus add more financial strain. However, if you ask us, amongst the comfort vs standard height toilets, we would like to emphasize that standard height toilets are relatively more expensive than the comfort height toilets.



Sitting Position Constipation Issues

Now, coming to the most vital aspect of the comfort vs standard height toilet comparison – the sitting position and its impact on the bowel movements.


In comfort height vs standard height toilet, the latter is the one that is known to accentuate your bowel movements, thereby preventing health issues, such as hemorrhoids and constipation. It happens because, in the standard height toilets, the hips are well-positioned below your knees. Since the ADA complaint toilets are taller, they provide you with a 90-degree seating angle. It is a perfect position for your back and knees. More so, the position is quite appropriate for tall, aged people and people with mobility issues. However, there are some specialized handicap toilets as well meant exclusively for people with disabilities.


However, some experts believe that chair-like postures tend to inhibit your natural bowel movements. Hence, from the point of health benefits in comfort vs standard height toilet, the regular ones are better, especially for people with constipation.




Finally, in the comfort height vs regular height toilet comparison, we will discuss the two’s cost.


So, the former costs somewhere between 100 to 300 USD amongst the comfort height vs standard toilet. However, the price mostly depends on the brand that you pick. Some top brands, such as Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard, will surely cost you a little more than the regular brands.


On the other hand, in the comfort height vs standard toilet comparison, the standard toilets are relatively expensive. So, usually, the standard models will cost you somewhere between 200 to 400 USD. Some of the top brands for the standard models are American Standard, TOTO, and Drake.



Which Height Is Best For You: Comfort or Standard?

Now, amongst the comfort height vs standard toilet height, which is the ideal one for you. See, be it the standard height toilet or the comfort height, the height that is ideal for you depends on your individual body structure and preferences. So, comfort height vs standard toilet can be both right but for different users. The idea is whichever makes it more convenient for the user to stand up and sit down will be better.


So, honestly, it may sound strange to you, but in this aspect of comfort height vs standard toilet comparison, we cannot give you a clear winner. To understand which of the two is better, we would recommend you first to try them out both individually.


The one that is perfect for your home depends on the individual height of your family members. Does anyone in your home have any particular physical condition? Further, how the family members transfer to and from the toilet will also influence your pick from the comfort height vs standard toilet.


It would help if you considered a couple of things to make a pick from comfort height vs standard toilet.


So, broadly speaking:

  1. Height of the people using the toilet
  2. Physical needs of the people using the toilet – disabilities, age, etc.
  3. The manner in which you transfer on and off the toilet

are three fundamental conditions to decide between comfort height vs standard height toilet.


However, in addition to these three basic factors of consideration, you should also consider two other factors when deciding between comfort height vs standard toilet. These are:


  1. The toilet that you pick must allow you and your family members to stand up and sit down comfortably.
  2. Whichever variant you choose from comfort height vs standard toilet should enable you to rest both of your feet flat on the floor while you sit down.


You need to bear some goals in mind when you decide between the comfort height vs regular height toilet. The fact of the matter is the choice between comfort height vs standard toilet can be a bit challenging if you have people of varying heights in your home. However, you must pick a toilet height, which strikes the best compromise between the different household members’ needs. Often people tend to install taller Comfort toilets in their master bedrooms and have a standard height toilet in the guest bathroom or the kids’ bedroom.


Instead of altering your toilet to cater to the height, you can include some accessories, making the washroom trip a more comfortable experience. Some of the accessories, which you can have at your home for a more comfortable experience are toilet rails, toilet seat height extenders, and the raised toilet seats.


For an average full-grown adult in their 30s or 40s, with a medium-sized height, say, 5 feet 7-inches, both standard and comfort height toilets will be equally viable. In this case, both picks can be comfortable and can be included in the house without a problem. However, if you have kids at home, the ideal selection from comfort height vs regular height toilet will be the latter.



Comfort Height Vs Regular Height Toilet: Which One To Buy?

Well, in all honesty, there are 100s of options available in both comfort height toilets and standard height toilets in the market. So, of this overwhelming variety of options, how do you make a pick. Of course, the first choice to make is deciding between the comfort height and the standard height toilet. But, we hope and believe by now you must have made a selection between the comfort height vs standard toilet. Now, another challenge that you may be faced with is deciding from the myriad options available in the market which one is best for your home. So, here, we will give you some of the best picks in both categories. How did we make this selection, and why should you trust us?


Our attempt at Plumberschoice is to take our bathroom ware development and research forward and simplify the selection process for you.


We possess the adequate knowledge and skill to advise you on the best fixtures and fittings suitable for interior design and household plumbing systems. So, let us get started and address our best-selected picks one by one.


Hopefully, when you go through our selections, you will be better armed to make a more informed decision.



Best Comfort Height Toilets

If you have decided to shop for the comfort height toilets for your home, we have four of the best picks for you. All four of them have received excellent customer reviews and have been widely appreciated by customers who have been using them at their homes or in a commercial setup.

Let us look at four best comfort height picks that you can shop from:

  1. KOHLER K-3589-47 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet with AquaPiston Technology, Less Seat, Almond
  2. WoodBridge T-0001 One Piece Toilet, Rectangle Button and Soft Closing Seat – Dual Flush, Elongated, Comfort Height, Water Sense, High-Efficiency
  3. 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet. Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort Height. Dual flush, Metal handle, Slow-close seat
  4. Kohler K-3818-0 Memoirs Toilet, White



Best Standard Height Toilet

On the other hand, if you would like to have the standard height toilets at your home, we have three of the best standard height toilets for you. Again, these three have been highly-reviewed and have been widely appreciated by customers globally.


Let us look at three best standard height toilet picks that you can shop from:


  1. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl, Cotton White
  2. American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Elongated 0.92/1.28 gpf Toilet, White
  3. American Standard 3251D101.021 Colony Round Front Toilet Bowl, Standard Height, Bone



Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Are comfort height toilets more expensive?

Ans. No. Compared to the standard height toilets, the comfort height toilets are cheaper. The comfort height toilets usually cost between 100-300 USD. However, the cost will vary from brand to brand and size to size. Naturally, if you want a more luxury selection from one of the top models, the cost will be higher. On the other hand, the standard height toilets are naturally on the more expensive side. The price for them usually starts from 200 USD and can go up to 400 USD, depending on the brand and size chosen by you.



Ques 2. What is the best comfort height toilet?

Ans. Our article above has provided you with the four best picks in comfort height toilets. You can make a selection from any one of them. It is not to say that the other brands or models may not be right, but these are our tried and tested picks. So, you will not regret the decision.



Ques 3. What is the height of a standard toilet?

Ans. For a standard toilet, the regular height without seats is 14-15 inches. However, if you measure the height with seats, the height will be around 15-16 inches.



Ques 4. Does toilet height help users with constipation issues?

Ans. Well, yes, your toilet height does impact your bowel movements. For someone with constipation issues, the standard seat is a more convenient pick for complete bowel evacuation. It is because your bowel movements are better facilitated when the hips fall slightly lower than the knee height, that is, the squat position. When you sit in this position or at the anorectal angle, the position of the anus in relation to the rectum is optimum. This makes it easy for you to achieve complete defecation.


Further, this position also helps prevent the risk of hemorrhoids. However, if your home has a comfort height seat, you can employ a step stool to mimic the position. A step stool can comfortably accommodate a shorter adult or a child, despite using the comfort height toilet.



Ques 5. What height should a senior toilet be?

Ans. The best comfort height toilets for the seniors start at 17”.



Ques 6. What is a comfort height toilet by Kohler?

Ans. The toilet height is calculated from the floor to the seat’s top. The difference in the measurements is very easily noticeable. In most cases, they fall between 15” and 19”. On the other hand, the standard toilets fall well below 17”. But, the chair height toilets, which Kohler calls the Comfort height toilets, will measure approximately 17” or more.



Ques 7. How tall is the seat on a comfort height toilet?

Ans. The comfort height toilets or the right height toilets that you find in the market are about 17-19 inches in height as opposed to standard toilets, which have a height of about 15-inches.



Wrapping Up

So, this is all about the difference between the comfort height and the standard height. We believe that you may have made your selection by now, and our in-depth differences between the two will have only simplified your choice. Once you get your favorite toilet installed, you might need a guide on how to deal with the common toilet problems yourself.