5 Best Corner Mount Toilets (Space Saving Corner Toilets)

Best Corner Mount Toilets
Does your home’s small bathroom make you feel trapped and claustrophobic? Well, it is time; you look for ways to free up some space in the bathroom and give you a more comfortable space when you go for your morning routine.


One of the best ways to do so is by switching to a small corner toilet. They take up less space and give your bathroom a more open look.


Now, how do you find the perfect small-sized toilet for your home? The problem is that the internet is full of options, and not all are good enough. So, here, we will give you a list of five of the best corner toilets for your home.


You can make a selection from any of the below-listed five options, or you can shop for any other small-sized corner toilet of your choice. Regardless of your choice, it is essential to know some factors of consideration before making a purchase.


So, in addition to giving you five vital suggestions, we will also provide you with a buying guide and answers to some of the frequently asked questions about corner toilets. So, let us get started and address these toilets one by one.



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5 Best Corner Toilets For Small Spaces – Comparison Table

Product Rating Check price on Amazon
Best Compact Corner Toilet

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet


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Runner Up

American Standard Cadet 3

American Standard Cadet 3 Powerwash Triangle Right Height 2-Piece 1.6 GPF Round Toilet in White


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Best Value For Money

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Round Toilet

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Round Toilet


Check price on Amazon
Best Round Toilet

Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet 2-Piece Round

Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet 2-Piece Round – 0.8/1.6 GPF High Low Top Tank Button Flush WATERSENSE


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American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet

American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet, White


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1. Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Best Compact Corner Toilet


Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Check price on Amazon


If you want a traditional compact corner toilet that can help you save big on both water and space and look visually appealing, then this Sheffield Toilet is the perfect pick for you. Despite being a compact corner toilet, it does not compromise on features. It will provide you everything that you expect from a regular toilet. You can shop for these corner toilets for sale on Amazon.



Key Features

Dimensions: This ADA compliant porcelain toilet weighs around 46.6 Pounds and measures 32-1/4″ H x 19″ W x 33-3/4″ with a 12″ rough-in.


Dual Flush System: One of the prime highlights of this compact corner toilet is its double flushing system that ensures that you do not end up wasting any water needlessly. There are times when you do not need a loaded flush. So, as part of this function, you have a choice to pick a flush with reduced water quantity.


For this, you have to employ the hi-low button on the flush. If you go with the low flow, the compact corner toilet will use a water volume of only 0.8 gallons. This is perfect for liquid waste. On the other hand, the toilet will use double the water volume in the high flow function. This setting works well for solid waste.


Resistant to Stains and Scratches: One thing common in an array of Sheffield compact corner toilet reviews is that so many users have appreciated its gloss finish. Thanks to this glossy finish, the toilet is stain and scratch-resistant. So, if mistakenly you scrub harder than necessary, you do not have to fret about getting scratches or chipping. The body is robust and resistant to stains and any other external damage. Consequently, this is an ideal small toilet for small bathroom that will continue to look as good as new for many, many years.


Comfortable: Despite being a compact corner toilet, it has an elongated seat. More or less, the seat of this toilet is as big as the traditional toilets. Hence, it is one of the best corner toilets for larger adults and even children.



  • Visually appealing
  • ADA compliant
  • Employs little GPF
  • Reliable traditional design
  • WATERSENSE compliance (saves up to 25000 gallons of water)
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • Scratch-resistant



  • Spare mounting screws not included
  • Bolt covers and floor bolts not included
  • The gasket between the back and toilet is a little too big.


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2. American Standard Cadet 3 Powerwash Triangle Right Height 2-Piece 1.6 GPF Round Toilet in White

Runner Up


American Standard Cadet 3 Check price on Amazon


A lot of people seek corner toilets for small bathrooms that are space-saving and look sleek. Is that what you desire too? Well, if yes, we have the perfect space saving corner toilet for you – American Standard Cadet 3 Powerwash Triangle Right Height 2-Piece 1.6 GPF Round Toilet.


So, if you are searching for sleek & minimalistic corner toilets for small bathrooms, this can be one of the top picks. It is a perfect amalgam of style and performance. You can shop for these corner toilets for sale on Amazon.



Key Features

Dimensions: The toilet measures around 32 x 19.25 x 31.5 inches and weighs 59 Pounds. The material used to make this toilet is Vitreous China.


Triangle-shaped Tank: The presence of a triangle-shaped tank makes it the best space saving corner toilet. You can fix it in the corner, and its compactness can leave you with ample space. For people who have small bathrooms, this is a great pick. Further, its round toilet bowl shape ensures that this short projection corner toilet occupies even lesser space.


Everclean Surface: A likable feature of this corner commode toilet is that it has an Everclean surface that will keep all the bacteria and mold at bay. It also results in a lesser smell. Further, the Everclean coating of vitreous china also makes it stain-resistant and durable, requiring little maintenance.


Excellent Flush Design: It is one of those corner toilets for small bathrooms with an incredible 1.6-gallon flush system that employs less water, thereby making it environment-friendly and saving water bills.


ADA Compliant: These corner toilets for small bathrooms have an ADA-compliant height. The standard toilets have a height of 14-1/8”. This one comes with a seat height of 16.5”. Even people with limited mobility will find this toilet convenient to use.


Smart-Flushing System: There are two aspects to the smart-flushing technology of these corner toilets for small bathrooms. Firstly, its tank holds more water per flush providing greater pressure. Further, you can also decide how much water you need per flush. These corner toilets for small bathrooms also come with an oversized 3” flush valve that elevates the overall flushing system.


Quick and Easy Installation: These are two-piece corner toilets for small bathrooms. Hence, you can conveniently self-install them.



  • Round shape helps save space
  • ADA-compliant height
  • Uses 20% lesser water than standard toilets
  • Visually appealing
  • Comes with needed accessories
  • Can fit the smallest washrooms
  • Scratch-proof
  • Ever Clean surface
  • Needs only 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Simple installation and maintenance



  • Toilet seat absent and must be bought separately
  • Handle may feel stiffer
  • Elongated shape would have been more convenient for some people


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3. Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Round Toilet

Best Value For Money


Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Round Toilet Check price on Amazon


Looking for one of those top-quality corner toilets for small bathrooms? Well, if yes, we have the perfect alternative for you. Yes, it is the Sheffield Corner 2-Piece WaterSense Dual Flush Round Toilet. It is a space-conserving corner mount toilet that can fit even the smallest of the bathrooms. You can shop for these corner toilets for sale on Amazon.



Key Features

Dimension: This porcelain-made toilet weighs around 46.4 Pounds and measures 32 x 19 x 31 inches.


Dual-Flushing System: Quite similar to the previously discussed Sheffield space saving corner toilet, this, too, comes with a double flushing system. This can be a massive plus if you need corner toilets for small bathrooms that can help you save big on your bills.


Having this corner commode toilet ensures that you do not end up wasting water unnecessarily. In the case of liquid waste, you do not need a high-impact flush. So, in that case, you can use the small-button flush of this space saving corner toilet. It will release about 0.8-gallons of water.


On the other hand, the bigger button will emit twice as much. This can be used in the case of solid waste. Typically, this feature enables your Sheffield space saving corner toilet to save about 25000 gallons of water per year.


Ideal for Compact Bathrooms: This short projection corner toilet is about an inch smaller in length, width, and height compared to traditional toilets. Your Sheffield space saving corner toilet also comes with a twelve-inch rough-in, which adds to its compactness.


Anti-Germ Porcelain Coating: This corner mount toilet has a porcelain coating, which helps keep dust and mites at bay. It is good to prevent bacteria growth on the toilet.


Easy and Straightforward Installation: It is a two-piece small corner toilet. Hence, the installation process is pretty straightforward, and you can do it all by yourself.


Stain-Resistant: Your Sheffield small corner toilet is equipped with a grade A anti-germ China. In addition, it has a stain-proof coating. This ensures your corner mount toilet looks as good as new in the long run.



  • WaterSense technology
  • ANSI-compliant
  • EPA-compliant
  • Reno-Gloss finish that is easy to clean
  • Dual-flush mechanism
  • Aesthetically appealing



  • You will have to pay extra for covers and floor bolts of this corner mount toilet.
  • Faulty gasket


Check price on Amazon

4. Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet 2-Piece Round – 0.8/1.6 GPF High Low Top Tank Button Flush WATERSENSE

Best Round Toilet


Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet 2-Piece Round Check price on Amazon


If you are searching for modern, visually appealing corner toilets then this well-designed Troyt compact corner toilet can be the right choice. The best thing about this small corner toilet is that it will look pleasant in all types of bathrooms, regardless of the size. You can find these corner toilets for sale on online platforms like Amazon.



Key Features

Dimensions: This porcelain toilet weighs around 38.6 Pounds and measures 30 x 17.25 x 29 inches.


Scratch-Resistant: There are ample corner toilets for sale, but you should pick one that is scratch-resistant with a protective coating. This small corner toilet is composed of heavy-duty porcelain. This ensures that for many, many years, your small corner toilet will remain scratch-free, looking as good as new.


Comfortable Height: Your small corner toilet comes with a comfortable height that makes it just perfectly suitable for kids and adults. It is also a suitable small corner toilet for disabled people and people of varying heights.


WaterSense Dual-Flush System: Want to save big on your utility bills? Then shop for these corner toilets for sale. The dual-flush system of this corner mount toilet is environment friendly in the sense that it can be a bonus for you to conserve water in the long run.


This small corner toilet has a hi-low push button. So, if you are flushing liquid waste, you can press the button with a low release. On the other hand, if you are flushing solid waste, you can press the high-release setting button. In the former, 0.8 GPF water is released, and the double is released in the high setting. So, simply by this setting of this corner mount toilet, you can save about 25000 gallons of water in a year.


Round Toilet Seat: With the available options in corner toilets for sale, round seat is better space-saving than an elongated seat. So, if you need one of the small corner toilets for small bathrooms, this can be a good choice.



  • Round bowl
  • Compact design
  • Traditional look
  • UPC-compliant
  • Lighter than other listed models
  • ANSI-compliant
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Durable
  • Helps you conserve water
  • EPA-compliant
  • Toilet seat included



  • Floor bolts, bolt covers, and wax ring not included in the package


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5. American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet


American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet Check price on Amazon


The last one on our best corner toilets is the American Standard toilet. This is a top-quality and highly durable corner commode toilet, which is the right choice for traditional and modern bathrooms. You can shop for these corner toilets for sale on Amazon.



Key Features

Dimensions: This toilet measures 34 x 17 x 14 inches and is made of vitreous china.


Easy Installation: Thanks to their two-piece construction, these corner toilets are very easy to install. You do not need a handyperson or a plumber to do the task for you.


Stainless and Scratch-Resistant: These corner toilets are topped with a high gloss vitreous china coating. This ensures that these corner toilets for sale do not catch scratches or stains easily. If you do happen to over scrub or use a harsh cleaner, you still have nothing to worry about as this corner mount toilet does not develop scratches quickly.


Further, the body does not chip easily. Hence, these are the best corner toilets as they are long-lasting and easy to clean.


Does Not Let The Bacteria Thrive: The Everclean technology ensures that the mildew or bacteria does not thrive on the toilet seat. So, keeping the environment inside and outside these best corner toilets safe and bacteria-free.


Cadet Flush: They have an innovative, avant-garde feature of cadet flush, which quickly fills up the toilet bowl. Moreover, it is self-cleaning too.


Three-Inch Flush Valve: Another feature that makes this one of the best corner toilets is its flush valve, which monitors the water’s pressure and speed. It will come in handy when you are attempting to clean a giant dump. Thanks to this feature there will not be any unnecessary clogging in the flush.



  • Power flush system
  • Easy to clean
  • Flush valve prevents clogging
  • Durable
  • Low water consumption
  • Vitreous china makes it scratch-resistant
  • Unique triangular tank
  • Easy to install



  • Works only in room corner
  • Molded sides may attract dust
  • Does not come with a seat


Check price on Amazon


Buying Guide: What Features Should A Corner Toilet Have?

You need to bear in mind a bunch of things when shopping for the best corner toilets. Here, we will address them one by one.



When shopping for small corner toilets for small bathrooms, the dimensions of the toilet are an incredibly vital consideration. It is because not all corner toilets will be of the same size. Hence, you need first to look at the space in your bathroom and then pick the right size for your toilet.

Water-Conservation Abilities

The corner toilets that you shop for your home must be capable of helping you save on your energy bills. Therefore, they should have features, such as a double flush system or the high-low button that can help you control the water speed, pressure, and quantity. Go with a small corner toilet that employs lower than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.


Seat Height

You cannot ignore the seat height when shopping for toilets, be it regular toilets, specialized corner toilets, composting toilets, or handicapped toilets . It determines the comfort that a user feels when using the toilet. Thus, the height must be chosen depending on the height of the users. For example, if children are to use the corner commode toilet, then a toilet with lower height is recommended.


Durable and Scratch-Resistant

You want to shop for the small corner toilet that has a vitreous china coating. This is necessary to ensure that the toilet is stain and scratch-resistant. In addition, when the toilet has the matt gloss finish, it won’t scratch even after a hard scrub. This will ensure that even years from purchase, your corner commode toilet looks as good as new.


Powerful Flush

The corner commode toilet that you pick must have a powerful flush. This is vital to ensure that you do not have to do multiple flushes to get rid of the dump. You can find an array of small corner toilets for small bathrooms that come with advanced flushing systems. These work well to get rid of the waste.



Your short projection corner toilet is different from the regular toilets. They have to fit in one corner of the bathroom. So, the design is essential because it should match your bathroom’s aesthetics.


Ease of Installation

Typically speaking, the traditional corner toilet is not easy to install, and you will have to invite a plumber to do the task for you. However, it is a must to pick corner toilets for small spaces that come with two-piece construction as they are pretty easy to install.


Bowl Shape

Typically, there are two shape options in corner mount toilets – round and elongated. You can make a choice depending on your requirements. The round ones are relatively less comfortable compared to the elongated ones. However, they take less space as opposed to the elongated corner toilets. You can also find triangle and square shapes these days.


Pros and Cons of Best Corner Toilets

Advantages of Small Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms

  1. The small corner toilet is compact and takes little space. So, the bathroom feels less cramped.
  2. Most of the best corner toilets have similar powerful features like the regular-sized toilets, such as powerful flush and dual flush system. All of that in a small size makes it a win-win.
  3. Usually the corners of the bathroom are left unused, you can fully utilize the bathroom space by installing a corner toilet.
  4. If you want to give a unique and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, the corner toilets can be a suitable pick.
  5. When you have a small corner toilet installed, the bathroom remodeling and renovation are hassle-free.
  6. The small corner toilet can also be installed inside the smallest room or an unused space in the house.
  7. You have extra space to install other fixtures, such as tubs or showers.
  8. The small corner toilet can help you save water.
  9. These small toilets are easier to clean and maintain.


Disadvantages of Corner Toilets

  1. In case of a repair requirement, plumbing can be pretty challenging and inaccessible.
  2. Small size may not be suitable for heavy built adults.
  3. Most small corner toilets for small bathroom are not easy to install because of the tight water supply and main drain.
  4. The color choice and models are limited.
  5. If you install a toilet in the corner and setup your pipelines according to it, it gets difficult to later move to a regular toilet.
  6. If you already have a conventional toilet installed, and you want to switch to a small corner toilet, then that would mean breaking the blood for main drain relocation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Corner Toilets

Ques 1. Are corner toilets any good?

Ans. We have already studied the pros and cons of the corner commode toilets above. So, there is no denying that the traditional corner toilet can be a safe pick in bathrooms with limited space.


Ques 2. Can you put a standard toilet in a corner?

Ans. Yes, you can install a standard toilet in the corner. However, specialised corner toilets with triangular tanks fit in better in the corners.


Ques 3. How much space does a corner toilet need?

Ans. Following the basic installation code employed by the professional plumbers, there must be a gap of a minimum of fifteen inches between the sidewalls and the toilets. Further, there must be an approximately thirty-inch distance between the room’s center and the bowl’s center. Lastly, for average-heighted individuals, space ahead of the toilet should be about twenty-four inches.


Ques 4. How durable and easy to clean is a corner toilet?

Ans. The durability of your traditional corner toilet depends on the materials employed in the construction. If the material used is porcelain with vitreous china coating, then you know that your corner toilet is stain and scratch-resistant, that by default makes it super easy to clean.


Ques 5. Can a corner toilet be installed in the center of the bathroom wall where a regular toilet was?

Ans. Well, there may be a possibility wherein you can install your corner toilet in the center. However, this depends and differs from one toilet to another. You must read through the installation guide to ensure that your chosen traditional corner toilet’s dimensions match your present plumbing. Of course, you can move the drain to accommodate the  toilet, but it is wise to be aware of these things before making your purchase.


Ques 6. What about flushing power in corner toilets?

Ans. These days a lot of top-quality small corner toilets come with excellent flushing power at par with regular toilets. They not only have a powerful flush but also conserve water with advanced technology. So don’t worry and pick your favorite corner toilet for your tiny bathroom.



So, these are the top five best corner toilets. We selected them after comparing them based on features, reviews, and durability. Regardless of the choice you make, you won’t regret your decision. So, go ahead, make the right pick for your bathroom.